Dress and Skirt
Pink Crepe and White Organza Overlay
Dress and Skirt Shown
Dress and Both Trains


Personal Work

I made my wedding dress and it was such a big project I had to add it to my online portfolio!  It was a short dress with an asymmetrical pleated bodice and a long, triple layer skirt underneath.  There were two detachable trains at the back that snapped onto the main dress.  

The fabric for the dress is white satin with a white organza overlay.  The skirt has tulle, white satin and a crepe overlay.  The trains and waist piecing were pink crepe with a white organza overlay to soften the bright color.  

It was a beautiful gown for the ceremony and a part dress for the reception.  I needed to be able to dance to our live 80's band that played for us!  I utilized draping, pattern making and sewed the dress myself.   

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